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Aerosmith - Jaded
Director - Francis Lawrence​
On location at the Los Angeles Theater and Griffith Park over two days. 

Mila Kunis, hundreds of Extras in m/u and specialty costumes, circus performers, exotic animals and one of the world's greatest rock 'n roll bands.

Elton John - I Want Love
Director - Sam Taylor-Wood

On location at the Graystone Mansion.  Robert Downey, Jr.  and, although trying, one hell of a fun day.

Godsmack - Straight Outta Line
Director - Dean Karr
Dean Karr is a tried and true rocker.

Music Videos

Linkin Park - In The End
Directors - Nathan Cox and Joe Hahn​
Two days on Stage.

Pink - Trouble
Director - Sophie Mueller

Two days on location at Disney's Golden Oaks Ranch with horses, choreographed dance and fighting.  Co-star: Jeremy Renner

Korn - Thoughtless
Director - Allen Hughes

This one's got it all.  Loud and angry, Aaron Paul, a beautiful naked woman covered with body paint and lots of fake vomit.

Lady Gaga - Applause

Directors - Inez and Vinoodh
Three days on Stage at Paramount.  Wire-work and choreography.


Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
Director - Fred Durst

One day on Stage and one very long day...and night, around New York city.  We were on the roof of the World Trade Center--one year prior to the attack.

Diana Krall - The Look Of Love
Director - Paul Boyd

One day on location.  It's a pretty cool day when you've got someone like Diana playing piano for the crew in between takes and set-ups.

Faith No More - Ashes to Ashes

Director - Tim Royes

One day in the old Giant Penny building, where they shot several scenes for the movie, Se7en.

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