Xfinity - What Now?
Director - Peter Atencio

On Stage with Kevin Hart at Universal Studios.

Mt. Dew Kickstart - Kickstart The Night

Director - Juan Cabral

Two days in the desert.  400 rockets shot off at sunset each night.  17 cameras.  Amazing planning on the part of the director.

AIG - Pandora's Box
Director - Pedro Romhanyi

On location in the murderously hot Taft, California.  Lot's of practical destruction and mayhem on several city blocks shut down for filming.


Nike - Dream Crazy

Director - Lance Acord

Various locations around L.A. and San Francisco.  Some live projection and some post.  Two additional units.

Nike - Funk Ship
Directors - The Hughes Brothers

One day on stage.  Period hair, m/u and wardrobe.  Bootsy Collins, Snoop Dog, George Clinton, the P-Funk All-Stars and various pro and street ballers.


Argent - Michael Phelps
Director - Allen Hughes

On location in the Bahamas with Michael and several beyond-frisky dolphins.  Filming on open water.


Coors - Push Forward

Director - Douglas Avery

One spot from a package of several, shot on location in Irwindale, California, Golden and the Rocky's, north of Silverthorne, Colorado

Avon - Moisture Seduction
Director - Francis Lawrence


E! Entertainment - Dustin Hoffman
Director - Robert Altman

Several celebrity driven spots (Eric McCormack, Minnie Driver, Ving Rhames, Lisa Kudrow) on location.