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Behind The Scenes

A combination of iPhone and 5D shots taken behind the scenes on various shoots over roughly three years.  Crash!  Bang!  Boom!

Dreyers - Spongecake
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Dreyer's - Spongecake
Director - Douglas Avery
High-fall on the back-lot at 20th Century Fox.


Sons Of Anarchy - 2nd Unit, 7th season
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Sons of Anarchy - 7th Season - 2nd Unit

Director - Eric Norris

Sequences from six episodes of the hit show's final season.  A fantastic crew, great stuntmen and a talented cast brought this action-packed series to life and made it a hell of a lot of fun.

Charlie's Angels - ShoWest teaser
Director - McG
Wire work.

Farmers - Indestructible
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Farmers - Indestructible
Director - Martin Weisz​

Two days on location.  You need one lb. of black powder to blow the tank off a cement truck.  Every car you see--except the Cadillac, was destroyed.​


ESPN - Knight And Day Promo​

Director - Aaron Stoller
Two days on location and yes, Tom did his own stunts.​