Rocket Mortgage - Jason Mamoa
Director - David Shane

A Super Bowl favorite.  Shot on location over two days with motion control, a repeatable head, steadicam, a fun director and a great DP and Crew.  Jason is a hoot.

EDS - Cat Herders
Director - John O'Hagan
A Super Bowl favorite.  Several days on location with scads of cats, horses, cowboys, a helicopter and motion control.


Pennzoil - Complete Protection
Director - Raf Wathion

3D CG animation projected on vapor clouds, motion control and a Maserati. Everything done in-camera with timing cues. No post f/x. Shot over the course of two nights.

F/X and VF/X

Mayflower - Audrey
Director - Brent Harris

Supremely satisfying job with the biggest actress in Hollywood.  Shot on the Warner Ranch lot, Downtown Los Angeles and en route to the Tejon Ranch.

Budweiser - King Crab
Director - David McNally

Another Super Bowl favorite.  Shot on location in Tulum, Mexico with Stan Winston's animatronic crabs and a supporting cast of CG crabs.

Infiniti Q50 - Incendia
Director - Noah Marshall

Night shoots at Soggy Dry Lake.  Two modified cars shooting fire out their tail along with a dozen gasoline bombs in a circle of junked cars, resembling a 'Q' when shot from from a high angle  platform, plus air mortars pressurized with propane.

Canary - While You Were Out

Director - Peter Atencio
On Stage and location in Vancouver.  A variety of practical gags and a really chill pussycat.

HP - Happy Baby
Director - Noam Murro

Ultimate arm, livestock and shooting on a freeway.

Sega Obsidian - Egg
Director - Rocky Morton

This was before CG.  It's a practical gag with a life-size cast of the actor, blown with squibs.

Taco Bell - Serenade
Directors - Traktor

Models, composites, CG and Gidget, the coolest chihuahua known to man.

Chevrolet - Twister
Director - Nick Piper

Two days on location with a helicopter & multiple live f/x.