Lincoln - Inside / Outside

Director - Joe Wright
"Poor Man's motion control," the Edge and happening to find some fauna on Set that fit with the commercial.

GMC - Wave

Director - Douglas Avery
On location around Oahu for three days.

Ford - Future Ride - Trailer

Director - Kurt Matilla
Nine days, stunts, lots of locations, f/x and a helicopter chase scene.


Lexus - Stolen

Director - Ben Strebel
Helicopter work on L.A. streets and a bridge, at night, with I.T.C.

Fiat - Curb Appeal

Director - Tim Roper
One day at the Disney Ranch.

GM - Splash
Director - Nick Piper
Multiple days and locations.

Volkswagen - Big Day
Director - Dante Ariola
Shot in northern California over several days.

Ford - Expidition "We, The People"
Directors - Diego Contreras, Aaron & Winston Tao

Around Salt Lake City, Utah, and Dallas, Texas


Toyota - Heck On Wheels

Directors - Terri Timely

Lip syncing, pyro and ducks.

Lexus - Slalom (teaser)
Director - Michael Fitzmaurice

This teaser of behind the scenes footage was put together by the agency.  Pursuit arm, mounts, helicopter and a hell of a lot of fun.


Audi - After Dark
Director - Juergen Bollmeyer
Two nights of stunt driving.